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Istria on Bike

  If You and your friends love cycling and to explore new bike roads, Istria is Your next ideal destination. There are more than 100 different bike roads and trails waiting for you to explore them. Istria is one of the most interesting bike destinations in Europe....

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Brijuni islands

Brijuni islands have very interesting story dating from classical times up to the present. Some of the leading world figures had visited Brijuni in the past like Emperor Franz Joseph and the Queen of England, as well as numerous heads of state and celebrities like...

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Historical Town Pula

In the close vicinity of Medulin lies the city of Pula with its unique examples of classical monuments, the most imposing sight being Vespasian's amphitheater from the 1st century AD. The Triumphal Arch of the Sergi, Temple of Augustus and Small Roman Theater date...

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Big Game Fishing in Medulin

Medulin was a well know fishermans village until the early 20th century and rise of tourism in Istria. There are many good spots where you can go fishing by your own, from the coast or with the boat. There is also a possibility to test your fishing skills hunting...

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Adrenalin park Medulin

Are you looking for fun and an adrenaline rush? Visit the Medulin Adrenaline Park, which is located in an area of oak forest and meadows with a total surface 12,000 m2 just at the entrance road Medulin. there are plenty of attractions that will give you a large dose...

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Bars and Nightlife in Medulin

There are many bars in Medulin where you can enjoy drinking your most loved drink, cocktail, beer or vine. You will have no problem with finding good quality bars just a few minutes away from Villa Yasmin. You can enjoy Medulin nightlife on the main beach or you could...

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Restaurants in Medulin

  There are plenty of restaurants in Medulin where you can enjoy having lunch or dinner with good atmosphere and food. From pizzerias, fish restaurants, stakes or local cuisine, you wont have any trouble finding the right place. Most of the restaurants are located on...

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Sea Kayaking in Medulin

Like Kayaking? Rent a Sea Kayak and navigate the beautiful archipielago of Medulin and its gorgeous islands. Don't want to go alone? There are guided kayaking excursion that will take you island hopping.           You can rent Kayaks on the beach just a few minutes...

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Horseback riding in Medulin

If you like horses and horseriding, Medulin offers this kind of excitement too. There are two horse ranches in Medulin and one of them - Samy's ranch is just a few hundered meters from Villa Yasmin so you can go and visit them any time. You can book different riding...

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Windsurfing in Medulin

You like to spending your holiday doing windsurfing activities or you would like to try and gain knowledge in windsurfing? Being surrounded by the sea on three sides, makes Medulin a perfect spot for windsurfing. There isn't a single day in the whole year when there...

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